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Type 2 Diabetes Control

Type 2 Diabetes Control – The Facts About Diabetes

Maintaining effective type 2 diabetes control is often a challenge, even for the most dilligent of patients, after all, type 2 diabetes is usually a condition caused by lifestyle factors, whereby the body can’t properly store and use fuel for energy.

The body’s main source of fuel being the sugar glucose, which is derived from food following the digestion process. Following the breakdown of foods into their requisite components, the Glucose portion enters the bloodstream and is normally used by the cells for energy. However to use glucose, the body needs to produce a hormone called insulin (made by the pancreas).

The production of Insulin and its usability is essential as it allows glucose to leave the bloodstream and enter the body’s cells.

The development of type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body either isn’t able to make any or enough insulin, or when it can’t properly make use of the insulin it makes. This is commonly referred to as Insulin resistance, whereby some people with diabetes, develop a resistance to the effects of insulin.

In cases like these, the insulin is still produced, but the body isn’t able to respond and use the insulin as it should. Regardless of whether or not the body produces enough insulin or is unable to use insulin properly, the end result is usually excessively high levels of glucose in the blood, also known as hyperglycemia, and calls for extremely good type 2 diabetes control of blood sugar levels.

There are three types of diabetes:

  • type 1 diabetes,
  • type 2 diabetes, and
  • gestational diabetes.

Approximately 9 out of 10 people with diabetes will actually have type 2 diabetes, which is also known as adult onset diabetes, or as it was sometimes known in the olden days as sugar diabetes. In modern times however, more and more younger people of childhood age are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, essentially due to the rise in obesity, inactivity, and a poor fast food, low value nutrition diet.

Sometimes a precursor to developing full blown diabetes is when people find their bodies don’t handle glucose as well as normally. This is called impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), and if not treated and controlled in it’s early stages will eventually lead to Diabetes. Approximately 40% of these people eventually actually go on to develop type 2 diabetes.

Causes & the Need for Type 2 Diabetes Control

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In simple terms, the cause of type 2 diabetes is due to either the pancreas not making enough insulin and/or the body not being able to use it properly. No one knows the exact cause of why type 2 diabetes develops in some people and not others, but it’s more likely to occur in people who are:

  • over 40 years of age
  • overweight, or obese
  • genetically predisposed due to a family history of diabetes
  • developed gestational diabetes during a pregnancy
  • have given birth to a baby that is more than 4 kg (9 lbs)
  • have high blood pressure
  • have high cholesterol
  • have IGT or impaired fasting glucose
  • are of Aboriginal, Polynesian, Hispanic, Asian, South Asian, or South African descent

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